(Not so) FAQs

This is a handy list of some specific questions you may (or may not) have. You may also submit any other questions not addressed here through the Contact page, or check out my About page if you haven’t already.

Why did you start this blog?

Many suffering people in this world either do not have their own voice to speak for themselves, they are not allowed to use their voice, or their voice is not heard or taken seriously when they use it. I am in a privileged position in which I have a voice, I am allowed to use it, and it is often heard and considered. In many situations it is my responsibility to step aside and allow others to use my platform to speak for themselves and their communities. For the purposes of this blog, however, my responsibility is to use this platform to speak for others. I have chosen a blog as my platform because I love writing. It’s partly a matter of genuine desire to spread wisdom and honor the blessings and experiences granted me. It’s partly a matter of freedom and expression.

So you’re a Christian?

I am a follower of Jesus Christ, and a believer in the Holy Spirit. I do not, consciously or unconsciously, think the Fruits of the Spirit include manipulation, patriotism, or capitalism, and I have no interest in being associated with those who do. I realize such an association specifically pertains to white, evangelical, American Christians, not the global Church as a whole. However, seeing as that is the predominant group in my context, that is the brand of Christianity I am most compelled to address.

What does your domain mean?

“For the Sake of Fire” is what I thought was a poetic reference to the Holy Spirit, as well as the way pain and healing have been so heavily used to make me into the person I am today, and how I have found my calling and purpose in using my experiences to help others.

What experiences are those?

Unfortunate burdens: generational alcoholism and abuse; various mental health issues like depression and PTSD; spiritual, emotional, and sexual abuses and traumas; bullying; loss of close loved ones; and rejections.

Wonderful blessings: radical therapies and interventions that saved my life; perseverance and encouragement from countless others; access to incredible education and knowledge; a deeper love than I ever thought possible; instantaneous healing; gradual healing; a warm, inspiring, life-breathing community of friends and family; the whimsy and majesty of nature; and intimacy with the omniscient, omnipotent, cheeky God that created, out-poured, and IS Love.

How can you be both a feminist and a Christian?

It’s pretty easy, actually. There is ample scriptural evidence to support feminism, I am a follower of the greatest liberator of the oppressed in existence, and I don’t particularly care whether or not sexists label me a heretic or deceiver. Call me a heretic. Please.

Got any heroes?

Brigid of Kildare. She was one bad-a** 5th century Irish abbess. Rachel Carson, the Obamas, and Aldo Leopold are pretty great, too.

Why are you studying Marriage & Family Therapy?

I am called to the mission field, and marriage/family just so happens to be that field for me. These units can set the trajectory for the rest of an individual’s life, sometimes positively, sometimes not. In my particular context (south-east USA, the “Bible belt”), I have witnessed a high frequency of enmeshed family systems and emotional control, manipulation, and abuse as a result of sociocultural norms regarding familial hierarchies and boundaries. These norms, from my perspective and interpretation of both scripture and psychology, do not facilitate healthy relationships. I believe these relational units, when in their healthiest form, are meant to reflect the mutual indwelling modeled by the perichoresis of the Holy Trinity. MFTs utilize a theory and method of counseling that I believe best facilitates this.

Have any pets?

Not yet, but I am fully committed to having 2-11 cats, a mini donkey named Stanley Jr., and possibly a goat. I’ll probably have a dog at some point so extroverts don’t think I’m heartless.

What’s with the dinosaur picture?

It’s just a cute thing between me and my fiance. We all need some silliness in our lives.

Any randoms to finish this off?

I once lived in the wilderness for 76 days. I have conducted and presented experimental research and am in the process of publishing (fingers crossed). I can name every nation in the world and 84 elements of the periodic table. Those skills are yet to be of use to me. I can bake cake inside an eggshell. Also yet to be of use to me.